As Pan Makine, we have service in shrink machines regardless of brand and model. We replace the hot jaws in old shrink machines with our Teflon-coated and protected hot jaw systems.

Spare parts for all shrink machines are available in our warehouse and we are at your service 24/7.

As a result of the development of technology and the increase in quality in Hot Jaw Shrink Packaging Machines, we apply hot jaws in all our machines PAN MACHINE, which completely eliminates the usage malfunctions occurring in the jaw part with this system applied to the shrink packaging machines, by applying this service to the old type Shrink Packaging Machines that you have at hand. It removes usage malfunctions in its machines

What are the advantages of a hot jaws?

  • In old-style shrink packaging machines, the wire parts in the nylon cutting and barb section were used, and the server was doing a daily wire break failure. The broken wire would be changed by the user operator, after about 30-60 minutes of effort.
  • With the system we have developed as Pan Makine, this effort has been eliminated and a hot jaw with teflon coating has been applied. With this application, the spare part issue for the jaw part has been completely eliminated and a 1-year warranty has been given by our company with its long life.

We have maintenance service for hot jaws and other remaining parts of all shrink machines.

We are at your service with reasonable prices and systems.